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The Calgary Stampeders have made it all the way to the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup! Now we just need to sit back, sip beverages, and scream like banshees at the TV screens. The comfort of one’s own home is always a suitable venue for such tomfoolery, but out at one of our local drinking establishments is often an even more suitable venue.

To assist you in choosing the latter, I intend to provide to you a good list of Calgary bars offering up 2012 Grey Cup parties and/or specials. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:00 pm Calgary time. You’ll find a good number of them offering specific deals on food and drink. I’ll add more to this list as information becomes available.


Royal Canadian Legion (multiple locations)

Yes, really! I haven’t been to a Legion for Grey Cup since I was a kid, but I always remembered it being a great time. Their licenses allow them to run football pools and the like, so you can even do a little bit of “gambling” while you’re there. I have talked with a couple of the Legion branches, and they’ve got back-in-time prices as always.

The Legion in Kensington has specials of jug of beer with wings or ribs for $13, jug of beer with a steak for $21, 12 oz. glasses of beer for $3.50 and jugs for $11.00.

The Legion on Horton Road has no particular specials, but is offering up beer for as little as $7.20 a jug. You read that right, and no, it’s not “a deal”. They have that all the time. Why don’t we all drink there all of the time???

Many or all of the branches will be having something, so be sure to give a call to the one closest to you to find out what’s going on. You can get all of their locations and phone numbers from the Royal Canadian Legion branch locater.


Melrose Café & Bar (730 17 Avenue SW and inside Cowboys Casino)

Both locations will be showing the game. Specials include $3.50 domestic bottles and highballs and $2.00 pulled pork sliders. There will be a 50/50 raffle benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and other contest-y things. Melrose is always a great venue for sports, with televisions in pretty much every direction you look. Guaranteed to be packed, I’d recommend that you get there good and early (going for brunch and staying would not be too early).


Schanks Sports Grill (103 Crowfoot Terrace NW and 9627 Macleod Trail)

Both locations will have local radio X92.9 live on location and hosting the parties. They will be giving away Grey Cup merch throughout the game and the grand prize is (how awesome is this…) a Lazy Boy recliner emblazoned with the 100th Grey Cup logo. Molson bottles will be on for $4.29 and Molson jugs for $14.76. Also, they’ll be hosting the Big Chief Beef Jerky toss. I don’t know how that works, but I friggin’ LOVE Big Chief! This is another place with a bazillion TVs, this will be another one you need to get to reeeeal early.


Tipperary’s, Bootleggers, and Shillelagh’s

All three locations will be getting the party started at 2:00 pm and will feature $3.75 pints of Molson Canadian and Coors Light, along with a chili special. Forecast as of this writing is for -10°, so some steaming chili is going to be just perfect. At each location there will be a mini-fridge giveaway and other prizes throughout. Great locations for you ‘burbanites!


Ranchman’s (9615 Macleod Trail SW)

A Calgary institution, Ranchman’s will be hosting a Grey Cup party that features $3.50 Molson Canadian, Coors Light, and Pilster (for you displaced Saskies). Word is that the party kicks up at 3:00. Tables can be reserved by calling them at 403-253-1100.


World Bier Haus (1410 17 Ave SW & Glenmore Landing locations)

I fell in love with 1410 the first time I walked in. The tremendous beer selection, the awesome staff, the tremendous beer selection, the crawling distance from my home. I’ve never been there to watch sports, but imagine great fun will be had. They have $15 Sterling Silver Steak Sammich + a bottle of Bud, plus buckets of Budweiser for $17. They’re also known for their fab food, so you’d do yourself a solid to give it a try if you haven’t yet been.


Family friendly Grey Cup at the movies

I’ll bet it’s going to be pretty fun watching the Grey Cup on a ginormous movie theatre screen! This one is a great spot for families, and at $5 a head it is quite reasonable. Tickets are already on sale for the two different locations showing it, Scotiabank Theatre Chinook Mall and Cineplex Odeon Sunridge Spectrum.




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  • Mom

    Do you know of a greycup party for kids in Calgary??

    Great question! I managed to track down that 2 big movie theatres are showing the game on Sunday, and added them to the list.

  • Please join us at Stavros Pizza & Sports Pub in Ranchlands NW for the game! The world famous pizza is half price today, warm Stavrovian waitresses serving chilled beverage and shooter specials, lots of good screens to watch the Stamps kick the ArgoNOT’s sad, sorry butts! Wear RED! :)

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