Great Spaces—Melrose Café & Bar

This week I’m doing a post a day on great gathering places in Calgary. If you’re looking to find a venue where you can gather a group, whether it’s for a meetup, a party, a corporate event, or something else, these are some of the great spaces that Calgary has available.

Today’s Great Space is Melrose Café & Bar, the Heart of the Red Mile. “A bar? A bar is a great space, John?” Yes, a bar can be a Great Space, and it’s not just because they have booze and really cute servers.


I have been involved with a number of different events at Melrose, both as participant and as organizer or co-organizer. I can’t even begin to explain to you how easy it is to deal with the folks at Melrose. My usual go-tos include Tony (who unfortunately is moving on to build his own business…but how awesome for him!), Hayley, and Angela. I need a projector and screen? Boom, there it is. I might have 15 people, I might have 30? No problem, we’ve got whatever space you need. Do you guys have wi-fi? Of course we do!

During the week, the downstairs isn’t typically open for regular business. What that means is that there is excellent space AWEyyc-BGP5728Bfor even large gatherings of 100 or more. For a meetup that I usually run, they make space available for around twenty of us. Part of what makes it so perfect is that they have full bar and restaurant service, so it’s simple to set a meetup for around dinner time, and everyone has the opportunity to buy their dinner and have a drink or two…or just coffee.

For larger events and where the need arises, they can cater your event as well. I have been at several events where the Melrose kitchen offers up a very tasty buffet-style presentation, whether morning brekkie items or something more suited to dinner time.

Hayley and Angela are your go-to people for your upcoming event. Contact them at or call them at 403-228-3566 to get things hooked up. Whatever kinds of things you need to pull off your event, they will make sure you have it. Whether a meetup for ten, a speaker and a crowd of 100, or a fundraiser for three times that, Melrose can make it happen, and make it happen smooth like butter. Mmmm…butter.

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